Terms And Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By registering for a Forged Wrestling Camp, camp attendees and their parents/guardians agree to the below terms and conditions. Forged Wrestling LLC  also reserves the right to update the below terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions enforced at a camp will hold true to whatever was published up until the start of the camp. 

Registration and Refund

Refunds shall be given until 19 May, 2020.  A $10 processing fee will be applied to all refunds.  Registration will be open until 19 May, 2020.  Registrations may be taken after this date upon special request on a case by case basis.  Please contact forgedwrestling@gmail.com for question on registration and refunds.  

Early Departure

Forged Wrestling LLC will not return funds, credits, or anything of the sorts for any camp attendee that may leave a camp early due to injury, scheduling conflicts, dismissal, or anything of the sorts. The price of camp is set and will not change for a camper wrestling less days than the scheduled time.  

Spectator Viewing

Spectator viewing is allowed.  Only clinicians and camp staff are allowed on the mats.  Parents and coaches will be allowed to sit and watch from the stands, unless told otherwise. 

Injury Liability

Forged Wrestling LLC, it’s owners, contractors, and employees are not responsible for any injuries that may be sustained to a Forged Wrestling Camp attendee. By attending a Forged Wrestling Camp, attendees and their parents/guardians understand that wrestling is a contact/physical sport and that injury is possible. Throughout the camp, it is ultimately up to the camp attendee to use his/her best judgement while participating. It is also up to the parents/guardians to use their best judgement going forward into continuous days of wrestling should a camp attendee be injured at the camp. Should any injury be sustained by a camp attendee, parents/guardians are responsible for all medical bills sustained. As a form of injury prevention, Forged Wrestling LLC will contract a certified physical trainer to be on site during camp activities to attend to minor injuries but does not hold said physical trainer responsible for the fate of the potentially injured camp attendee. If said physical trainer deems a camp attendee unfit to continue participation, an external doctor's note will need to be obtained to allow said camp attendee to continue participation.

**Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this years camp has been canceled.  Everyone that has already registered will receive a full refund.  We may try to schedule something later in the year.**

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